How to Demagnetize a Watch

How to demagnetize a watch

Choosing the right watch for the occasion has always been important. If you’re going to a fancy dinner, or you’re going diving, or you’re going for a run, or you’re traveling internationally… you might choose very different watches for each situation. One thing that usually doesn’t come into consideration is whether or not you’ll be in the proximity of magnetic fields. Not going into the … Read more

How to Extend a Vintage Watch Bracelet?

How to extend a vintage watch bracelet?

I regularly buy vintage Seiko and Citizen watches on Japanese marketplaces. Most of the time, the seller doesn’t have the box & the documents. That’s to be expected for ~50-year-old watches. What’s more annoying is that the bracelets are resized for the previous owners’ wrists and there are usually no extra links included. I don’t have a very big wrist (16.5 cm) but it seems … Read more